Infinite Calendar - PS

Infinite Calendar - PS

Create Calendars For All Years (with one click!)
InfiniteCalendar is an Adobe Photoshop extension. It lets you create calendars for all years. You can chose to generate a 'year at aglance' one page calendars or 6/12 page monthly calendar designs. You can also use generated calendars in your own calendar designs.

  • Requirements

    Type: Extension

    App: Adobe Photoshop
    Min Version: CC2015
    OS: Mac & Win
    File Size: 350 MB

  • Installation Guide

    1. Expand the downloaded archive
    2. Run Adobe Photoshop
    3. Go to Menu Item File > Scripts > Browse...
    4. Select the "Install InfiniteCalendar.jsx" file from the expanded folder
    5. Restart Photoshop after installation
    6. Go to Menu Window > Extensions and select Infinite Calendar