Lovely Chaos

Lovely Chaos

Add a Little Chaos to Your Design

Lovely Chaos is a very handy tool. It spreads your selected objects (vector or image) over the artboard giving you control over many options like grid style, spacing, uniform and random scale, rotation options and lets you apply one of the pre-defined color themes to your path objects. 

You can create awesome backgrounds by selecting a few shapes or images and spreading them randomly over your artboard.

  • Requirements

    Type: Extension

    App: Adobe Illustrator

    Min Version: CC2015

    OS: Mac & Win

    File Size: 1,5 MB

  • Install Instructions

    1. Expand the downloaded archive
    2. Run Adobe Illustrator
    3. Go to Menu Item File > Scripts > Other Script...
    4. Select the "Install LovelyChaos.jsx" file from the expanded folder
    5. Restart Illustrator after installation