3D Layers - Anaglyph

3D Layers - Anaglyph

3DLayers – Anaglyph (3DLA) is a unique Photoshop extension that converts your layered Photoshop document to anaglyph 3D. Anaglyph images are 3D images viewed by wearing a pair of blue/red anaglyph glasses. 3DLA sorts your layers automatically from near to far, it spreads layers in 3D space. You can then adjust the depth of each layer and bring it near or send to far

  • Requirements

    Type: Extension

    App: Adobe Photoshop
    Min Version: CC2015
    OS: Mac & Win
    File Size: 1,5 MB

  • Installation Guide

    1. Expand the downloaded archive
    2. Run Adobe Photoshop
    3. Go to Menu Item File > Scripts > Browse...
    4. Select the "Install 3DLA.jsx" file from the expanded folder
    5. Restart Photoshop after installation
    6. Go to menu item Window > Extensions > 3DLA