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Engraving Studio Hatching Effect Action

Engraving Studio Hatching Effect Action

Add a Touch of Vintage Charm

Engraving Studio is a Photoshop action that effortlessly transforms your photos into stunning engravings. This Photoshop action brings a touch of vintage charm, depth, and sophistication to your designs, illustrations, and artwork.


Engraving Studio offers six engraving styles. You can alter the style with a click.


Maximum Control

After applying the action, you retain full control over the adjustments. You can make live image adjustments that will effect density of the hatch lines, adjust the stroke width, and modify the shading intensity to perfectly match your creative vision.

Min. Photoshop Version: CC2017

Oil Paint Filter: Engraving Studio Requires Oil Paint filter. Make sure Filter  Stylize > Oil Paint is not greyed out.

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