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Vector Mosaic

Vector Mosaic

Create Awesome Vector Mosaics From Your Photos and Illustrations

Sure your photos are already works of art, but why not go one step further and create a masterpiece? With VectorMosaic, you can create your very own vector mosaics and halftones, using any image you'd like. VectorMosaic offers a wonderful collection of single and multi shape presets to build mosaics and halftones. You can either edit in Photoshop or save out as an .EPS file to work in Illustrator or Corel DRAW.


Product Highlights

  • Easily create beautiful vector mosaics and halftones.
  • Create gorgeous eye-catching designs with this powerful tool.
  • Open results in Photoshop or save as an editable vector .EPS file to use in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  • Take advantage of multiple shape presets and vector output for ease of use.
  • View your results as you may them using the live Preview Window.
  • Create vector halftone effects by making use of multiple shape presets.
  • Convert any image you have into a vector mosaic, thanks to fixed size options.
  • Use Multi Shape presets to build unlimited unique mosaic and halftone effects.
  • Scale your final masterpiece to any size without fear of losing any quality.
  • SuperMosaic includes 32 Single and 4 Multi Shape Presets to form your image.

App: Adobe Illustrator
Min Version: CC2015
OS: Mac & Win
File Size: 1,5 MB


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